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My name is Jenna Rose Lowthert. I am a 28 year old self published author of the books “Life Goes On..?” and “Life Still Goes On, The Blog Book of a Motherless Daughter” I was born and raised in Roxbury, NJ where I lived for most of my lfie.  I now reside in the Scranton, PA area.

I was inspired to write my books after losing my 48 year old mother to stage four lung cancer on May 27th, 2013.


My Mission

“I’m not concerned with impressing people, anybody can do that if they really try. My concern is inspiring people.  I just want every single person I meet to hear my mother’s story, read my book & blogs, and walk away with a better understanding of what is truly important in life. I want them to feel refreshed, hopeful, and heart-warmed but more importantly I want everybody I come in contact with to realize that life does go on, no matter how much heart ache you endure. Once you hit rock bottom, you can only go up from there.”


15 Responses to “About”

  1. Brittany G.

    I just wanted to say that this hit home with me, maybe because its the same scenario my mom was 48 she battled stage 4 lung cancer for 8 months then she was gone. I’m 27 and I was prepared but really I wasn’t I thought I had a little longer and I had just seen her the day before she passed. I’m excited to read this book and I know some how my mom led me to your story so I can maybe get a little closur.


  2. Norma Garcia

    I also lost my mother do to lung cancer in oct.3,2015 also lost my sister do to breast cancer on July 7th same year and my brother sept.2nd same year was only 53 heart attack unexpectedly…three in a row,it’s been so hard for us think about them daily,my heart aches.


    • Patti

      My heart aches for yiu. Loosing two such important women in your life. I wish you peace and remembrance of the great times you shared


  3. Patti

    I lost my Mom a year ago this week. I may be 60 but my Mom meant everything to me. She was my rock. She had a bad accident 12 years ago multiple operations. We were told after so much anaesthetic she has developed dementia. She was such a vibrant woman and so hard to see her decline


  4. Suzanne

    I, too, loss my mother at age 48, stage 4 lung cancer. I was 29 at the time. I did not know I was angry with her for leaving me until one morning I awoke from a dream, screaming to her that, “I am not mad with you anymore’. Oh Wow, just typing that last line I had to pull away from the computer because all the emotions just came streaming down my face! Its been 28 years! Missing her Never goes away, you just learn to deal with it.


  5. Dar

    Sorry for all of you losses. But I lost mine 43 years ago to ovarian cancer. So you all were truly blessed to have your Mother u to your adult years. I cannot relate.


  6. Alejandra A

    Jenna, I admire your courage to put words to your pain and share it with others. Know that what you’ve done and continue to do with your writings do, in fact, help us. I lost my mom almost 4 yrs ago to ovarian cancer. I, too, hit my rock bottom and was there for over 2 yrs. The process of “living” without her physical presence has been the toughest thing i’ve lived through. Its people like you that have helped me in my grieving process. Keep on doing what you do so well- give us hope and love.


  7. Andrea

    Thank you for this. I write for Odysessy and I’ve written articles about her death and how I’ve made it through. It will be 10 years for her in August. I was 17. She was 50. Thank you for finding the 500 words that I struggle every day to find to describe the feeling of losing your mom.


  8. maayanstrulovitch

    I’m 19 and my mom passed away when I turned 13 and now I’m going through so much stuff with university and just wishing she was here helping me go through everything. Then I had my boyfriends mom (we were together for 4 years) and his mom passed away too so I lost two mom figures and now I don’t know who to go to for help. I just miss them so much.


  9. Raven

    Thank you for sharing you story, I lost my mother almost 5 years ago. May 20th to A.M.L … She was diagnosed April 18th and passed away May 20th of 2012….. I am still trying to wrap my mind around that pain.Your story gives my hope..


  10. Sandy

    my mother died from breast cancer at the age of 33. I was 21 months old. I never got to know her. I have always felt a void in my life and I know that void is her. But life goes on and I just do the best I can for my family and myself and have peace knowing that she is looking down from heaven and watching over all of us. I believe in God and he gives me strength each and every day


  11. Cassie

    I just lost my mom on October 31 of this year from stage 4 kidney cancer. She had a really, rare, aggressive form. She fought for 15 months and just couldn’t fight anymore. She was 55, I am 26. I have siblings that range in age from 18-28. This is all just so unimaginable. I had a breakdown walking through the Christmas aisle at Target today. It’s so hard. Thank you for starting this blog.


  12. Jennifer

    I am a sibling one of 10. My mother was 57 years old when she passed due to stage 4 lung cancer. From the time she started chemo and radiation treatments to the end of her treatments she live 90 days. She said she wanted to do the chemo for her grandkids and her kids. I miss her every single day. I moved to Texas and because of financial hardship I wasn’t with my mom to stand by her as she went through this battle. My brothers and sisters and also my father was. I didn’t see her for 4 years. On the day my sister called me and told me she was gone, I had planned to get a bus ticket and go home to be with her that same day. It’s a guilt, a heartache I will NEVER overcome. I never truly got to say goodbye to her. To tell her how she meant so much to me. When I finally made it home for her memorial service, I got to see her before the sent her to be cremated. My whole world absolutely went dark. I literally felt my heart break. I didn’t see my mom, the mother I remember when I moved away. I seen my mother so small, and so skinny. Her skin was so tight yet perfect but I couldn’t comprehend that it was her. She wasn’t like I remembered her. The cancer STOLE my mother from us all. I will forever cherish every precious memory I shared with her always. I’m sorry for such a long comment but I truly want to read your books. My sister has read you first book and she tells me about it all the time. I pray I get a chance to read it soon. Thank you for listening.


  13. Nisha Singh

    I lost my mom to stage 4 Gallbladder cancer 3 years ago. There isn’t a day that goes by without remembering her. She was diagnosed in September and passed away a month later due to multiple organ failure. We tried giving her all the happiness we could in that 1 month …I miss her terribly, i still cry myself to sleep at times, I am 35 with 2 kids 15year old son and 12 year old daughter. There is still a lot of anger in me , i am angry as to why God took her away and why it had to be her….I dont know when i will accept the fact that she is no longer there with us…..


  14. Reed

    I wrote this poem 27 years after my mother died. Now I’m a mom, a wife, a mother-less daughter. Trying to put into words the pain I felt and still feel today. Finally letting myself move forward :).

    Oh child,
    Your mother is sick.
    We let you in, but hold you out.
    She’s going to die,
    But we won’t tell you.
    We’ll act the same,
    Except we know everything’s different.

    Oh child,
    We’ll build up walls around you,
    Keep you safe from the pending truth.
    If it’s only for a little while,
    Keep your world spinning smoothly.
    No need to worry yet, but your mother’s sick.

    Oh child,
    Do you see it now?
    She is showing signs.
    Believing our words dance silently past your ears.
    We know your world is changing,
    But we’ll act the same.
    Except everything’s different.

    Oh child,
    The thunder is rolling in.
    We’ll give you one final moment.
    We’ll let you say your goodbyes.

    I hold her tight in her hospital bed.
    Knowing in my heart,
    What everybodies known.
    She’s going away forever.
    She squeezes me one last time.
    I don’t know how to feel.
    Relief or sadness,
    Two tangled emotions that don’t go together.
    I always new this Day was coming,
    But didn’t know how I’d feel.
    It didn’t hit me hard at first,
    But slowly crept up to me.
    It has yet to let me go.

    Oh child,
    Our walls are crashing down.
    You were only a child,
    Your mother slowly died,
    We tried to shelter you.
    You saw everything.
    We’re sorry we didn’t let you in.

    I felt everything.



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