To Lose Your Mother, Well That Is Like Losing Your World..

I always say there is no love in this world like the love of a mother, and I don’t think anything could ever be truer than that.

Today, May 27th 2015, marks two years since my beautiful 48 year old mother was taken from this world. Two years that flew by, yet two years that have felt like a lifetime without her.

I don’t miss her today any more than I do every other day and I will never, ever love her any less.

I can still remember the very moment my mother took her last breathe as I grabbed her hand and told her how much I loved her. I can still remember the panic in the hospital room as the lung cancer stopped her heart from beating. And I can still remember going home that night with the heaviest heart.

I didn’t want to wake up the next morning, or the morning after that, or the one after that. The emptiness inside of me was more than I could bear and knowing It wasn’t all just a nightmare made it even worse.

How could this have happened? I was only 24, she was only 48. I thought she would be here to see me one day buy a house, or get married, or have children. But sadly she won’t be and sadly sometimes life deals you unfortunate hands and you wish you could just turn the cards in and start all over.

They say that when one person is missing from your life, that the whole world seems empty.

My world will never be fully complete without her here and I hate that the years go by so fast.

I would have done anything in my power to save her life. But cancer is fast and cancer doesn’t let you decide whether you live or die, no matter how strong you are.

As tomorrow starts the first day of the third year without her, I will for the rest of my life continue to look for her face in a crowd, I will continue to relate everything I see to her, I will continue to honor her, remember her, and most importantly I will continue to cherish the memories I’ve made with her and the 24 years I was lucky enough to have her.

But no matter what- to lose your mother, well that is just like losing your world.

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  1. yes losing a mother is the most devastating thing I have ever been through and I try really hard to honour her memory by trying to understand what others are going through in life and being more compassionate like my was her whole life, she always saw the good in anyone and always tried her best to help others whenever she could. she lived her life for others and put everyone else first. she didn’t always have a lot but she provided others with what she could if she seen them struggling. I never really knew how she affected others lives until I was overwhelmed at her funeral with an outpouring of peoples best wishes and love with stories of how she affected their life. she would want us to go on and live life to the fullest. these situations are really a test and a reminder that life really is short and we have to utilize every moment we have and reach out to those we love. nothing is more important than family and friends. everyone grieves in their own way and will deal with loss in a way that is right for them. sometimes I feel helpless to not be able to help others who grieve the loss that I have endured. take care and reach out to those who try to help.


  2. I feel like I wrote this. My mother died the exact same way. It was unexpected. I was just holding her hand and now she’s not breathing. I rearm leaving the hospital without her. Dazed. It’s been less than a year and a half. My heart doesn’t even exist anymore. Just empty heaviness.
    Thank you for sharing.


  3. I have to have this book. Just the preface alone sold me. I am now older than my mother was when she passed. she was 56 and I was 28 with a brand new baby.
    Malignant Melanoma.
    I am now 57. I look at older women and wonder how old they are. Would my Mom look like her?
    I used to strike up conversations with women who reminded me of her, and pretend it WAS her standing by me, talking to me. And I hated when they would leave.
    I thought I was the only one.


  4. Jenna, reading your story reminded me so much of my own journey of loosing my Mom. I just lost her this February. 1 week after she turned 57. She was diagnosed in the ER with stage 4 lung cancer and it had traveled to her brain and I’m sure elsewhere . She had a blood clot in her leg which traveled and resulted in a car disc arrest after spending 1 week in the hospital . She did not go thru chemo so o guess she was spared there but to be told stage 4 and no signs really confuses me. I Just turned 29 and can’t imagine life with out her she was my best friend . I’ve been writing a lot too and I thank you for publishing this

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