Read This When You Miss Your Mom

Read This When You Miss Your Mom

“Have you ever lost someone you love and wanted one more conversation, one more chance to make up for the time when you thought they would be here forever? If so, then you know you can go your whole life collecting days, and none will outweigh the one you wish you had back.” 

Mitch Albom, For One More Day

Losing a mother is one of the most devastating things in the world.  It happens and we somehow find the strength to go on.  The days turn into weeks, the weeks turn into months, and before we know it here we are years later, wondering how we have made it this far without them physically in our lives.  I’d like to think that when someone we love dies their body goes but their love remains.  They live on through us.  Through the things they left behind and the memories they have made.

You’ll always miss your mom but there are moments in life when you just miss her a little more than usual. You’ll miss her when you’re simply in the store shopping and you see other women shopping with their mothers.  You’ll miss her when you can’t remember that recipe she begged you to learn.  You’ll miss her when someone else loses their mom.  You’ll miss her when something great happens and she is the first person you want to call but you know if you tried, it wouldn’t be her voice on the other end.  You’ll miss her on Mother’s Day when everyone else is celebrating their mothers and you feel all alone. You’ll miss her when you’ve had a bad day and you know that her embrace is the only one that can save you.  You’ll miss her when you meet someone who reminds you or her, or has the same laugh as her, or was just as kind as her.  You’ll miss her when you’re all alone in bed crying yourself to sleep because the thought of her being gone still comes as a shock to you. You’ll miss her when you need her advice.  You’ll miss her when you no longer get to talk to her five times a day.  You’ll miss her when you hear her favorite song.  You’ll miss her when you see older women who were lucky enough to live their life that long and you’ll wonder why you mom wasn’t able to.  You’ll miss her on the holidays and you’ll miss her on her birthday when you realize that another year has passed. You’ll miss her when you wonder what she would look like years later.  You’ll miss her when you go through a horrible break up and know her words are the only ones that could ever help. You’ll miss her when you’re staring at the beautiful summer sky wondering where she is but when you miss you mom remember how much she loved you, remember that she never wanted to leave you and there is nothing in this world that she wouldn’t have done to be able to see you live out your life.  When you miss your mom, go that extra step to make her proud, live the life she wanted you to live, be the person she wanted you to be.  When you miss your mom do something to honor her, something that can bring you joy.  When you miss your mom remember the way it felt to be around her, the way she hugged you, and the way she would have done anything in the world for you.

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But most importantly, when you miss your mom know that it is okay to miss somebody that much, that’s what unconditional love is and that’s what she has given you.

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  1. I’m 53 and my mom past away 3 years ago… Coming from a strong Latin, Catholic family with a father that was a cop for 35+ years and a child of 13 children I consider myself the luckiest woman alive… even if everyone says they had the best mom in the world, I still believe mine was unique… she was everything I would like to be for my kids and more…. no technology at all to communicate miles and miles away but the power of love was all I ever needed to know how much she loved me. My mom was not just the best… she was the only person in the world that made me feel safe and worthy. I miss you mom!!!


  2. I’m 20 and my mom past away 02 months ago as this made my cry MAA miss and really its very difficult for me to survive now.


  3. Your words is touching my heart… My mom leave this world about 3 months ago and I still miss her… I just can’t help but missing her in the late night and crying alone on my bed… and I wasn’t by her side when she leaved… I felt so guilty… I’m sorry and I miss you, mom…


  4. It hasn’t been a month, she passed away on July 23th this year. It feels like I have a giant hole where my heart used to be. It hurts to breath, to keep on going. Everything reminds me of her, my friends try to take me out to distract me and I just keep mentioning her because everything around me makes me think of her. Now that I’m the one managing everything, I realize how much she did for everyone, including me, she was such an amazing selfless person. I cry so much every night when I’m alone, sometimes I wonder if my tears will run dry. My eyes even feel diferrent, they burn.

    It’s true, thanks for writing this, I would give up everything in a heart beat to have just a moment more with her. Just to hug her and tell her how much I love her, tell her how lucky I was to have her.


  5. I miss my Mother more than any words can describe, but on the other hand, I don’t miss the pain she was in and watching her die in front of me. I am only sad for selfish reasons. I am happy to know she is no longer in so much pain she couldn’t speak, or move. To know she can walk and talk freely now, makes my heart happy. I miss our times together but I know she’s with me everyday, as she leaves me signs. I cry, but out of selfishness rather than looking at all the positives that her parting has brought. No more pain. No more anguish. No more worry. She’s now free. I am thankful for that and knowing my Mother is in God’s loving hands having fun with her sisters and brothers, Mom and Dad and finally her Husband. I will one day be reunited with my Mom. Until then, I will cherish the moments I had not only with my Mom…but my very best friend. I miss you Mom. She passed away 4 months ago, we talked in length about her death. It was devastating to hear the news that she had stage 4 cancer and they wouldn’t give us a time frame of how long we had together, but we made the most of it and stayed positive until the end. There is never a guarantee of life, live for the moment and make the most of that moment. Love while you can, no regrets. You can never turn back time. Move forward and make your today a better tomorrow.

    Much love.


  6. “But most importantly, when you miss your mom know that it is okay to miss somebody that much, that’s what unconditional love is and that’s what she has given you”. She passed 3 hours ago, and I needed to read this sentence. God bless you.


  7. Thank you so much . I lost my mum 3 months ago and she was the most precious thing in the world to me , the only person I have ever felt I could be myself with ,who I could tell everything to without the fear of judgement. We spoke everyday , several times a day + I always thought she would be there. This gives me great comfort x


  8. My mom passed away 11 days ago. Just had the funeral yesterday. I am grateful to have seen some of her friends who came to pay their respects. I feel like it’s hard to breathe. But I know that my mom is no longer suffering by the limitations of her physical body. She is free. And for that, I can carry on. Somehow.


  9. Thank you for writing this.. It help me. My mother passed on Nov. 28 2015 from brain cancer. Me an my sister stop our lives to take care of her. Our family turnt their backs on us.. Because they couldn’t understand that they needed to come see her rather than talk to her on a phone.(Brain Cancer/Radiation)
    I watch my mom deteriorate… I seen her pain… Its was the hardest thing in my life to do… Watch my mother died at age 56. I still have flashblacks .. Since she left I try so hard to keep moving forward.. But I get side tracked with liquor n drugs. Your poem truly has helped me to rethink my process in grieving.


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