Grief: 8 Ways To Get Through The Holidays

1. Start a new tradition.

This year marks the second Christmas without my mom. I made a promise to myself that each year I will buy a new ornament in memory of her. It will be like I never spend a Christmas without her.

2. Don’t avoid or cancel the holiday.

Although it is so hard and different without our lost loved ones here, we must remember that they would still want us to continue on a happy life—not only around Christmas time but all the time.

3. Have a good cry and let it all out.

If you feel like crying, cry. If you feel like screaming, scream. Let it out. Don’t hold the pain and sadness in; talk to a friend about it.

4. Make a difference.

Volunteering or helping people who are struggling will often result in you feeling better about yourself. Spend some time at a local soup kitchen, donate a toy to a toy drive, or even send an old friend a Christmas card or a small gift. I promise you it will make you feel better.

5. In place of buying your lost loved one a gift, buy something for yourself.

Shopping has a magical way of lifting our spirits. This holiday season consider buying something for yourself.

6. Start a “holiday journal.”

I love writing and sharing my thoughts with people. Consider starting a journal and each Christmas write down what you did, how you made it through, and one memory of your loved one. Each year you can look back and see how far you have come.

7. Remember you’re not alone in your grief.

Although you may feel no one is hurting as bad as you are, there are so many other people who share the same pain. Join a holiday grief support group or even ask a friend to chat.

8. Know that life goes on.

We must remember that even though we would sometimes like life to stop, it will never stop for anybody or anything. Continue on your life and honor of your loved one not only this holiday season, but every day of your life.



  1. My mother died before Christmas last year. The last thing I said to my mother was your my special Angel before that asy father and brothers were all around her and the pastor and her sister and brother were there we had church with her. I had my head on her shoulder and I sang hyms to my mother and the last thing I sang was you are my special Angel . My mother slipped peacefully away to heaven it was as the angels carried her to heaven. Mother had a stage 4 brain tumor. She never was afraid to die ,she didn’t talk about it she lived everyday to the fullest. If I shed a year shed gently wipe it away. Just as Jesus said he’d wipe away all our tears. Since than When I’m sad and began to cry God sends an angel ( on of my residents will gently give me a hug or kiss on the check) I know that it’s from mom . And I’m filled with her love. If it wasn’t for being a Christian and my mother taking me to church I don’t know how I’d make it thank you mom. And Thank you God for saying you’d never leave us or forsake us.Thank you for Heaven and a place we can all be together again.


    • Lovely. So sorry for your loss. Our hope has to be to see them again in heaven. My mother passed similarly and I sang to her as she took her last breath. I felt the Lord take her peacefully. So hard.
      God bless you.


      • I did the same my mother passed a year today we sang hymns as we waited on the lord to take her it felt mum already new she was with the lord made her passing easier the nurses even said they have never felt a lovely presence like it praise the lord


  2. It’s not just my mom that has passed away my whole family is gone I try to get through the holidays each year and positive thoughts but I feel so empty and alone as Christmas comes closer and closer


    • i am so sorry for you, i lost my mom in may ..had my step father tell me he wanted nothing to do with me, have not seen my son for 5 years…i am struggling this year…am so blessed to have such a loving husband bearing my emotional self so well…and other children and grandchildren …though they live hours away..i hope you find some where and someone to spend time over the holidays with…even with the few loved ones i have i will struggle greatly this year…


      • Im so sorry for your lost. I lost my youngest son 5 years December 23rd. This year I lost my dad and Even though my mom is still here physically she was placed in a home for dementia. It’s very hard this time of year but I a wonderful son, great husband and 2 beautiful grandchildren that remind me that life goes on.


  3. I lost my mom suddenly this year to cancer. It took her from me in just 6 weeks. I never could have even imagined her dying so quickly. I’ve tried to make sense of her death by living more fully in my own life. I decided she would have wanted they way more than me getting lost in my own grief. I love this read and the idea of getting an ornament every year to remind me of her. I’m so sorry for all of those who have lost their mom. It is truly the hardest thing to go through. May their spirits live on through the families that love them. ❤️


  4. These are really great coping methods. I lost my Mom April 2018 and just lost my Dad August 2019. He passed on their 52nd wedding anniversary. I actually just bought a Christmas ornament that reminded me of their love so I think I will continue to do that every year.


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